On a Wing from the Holy Land is the saga of one woman's life journey - a search for truth, peace, freedom and love that leads her around the world and ultimately back home. 

The novel's central character is Jessica Kozlow, born in Israel in the early years of the new state. Jessica's story is placed within a fascinating and sobering historical context spanning more than a hundred turbulent years. Her life and its trials, her endurance and her determination, can be seen as a metaphor for an individual's search for spiritual fulfillment, and perhaps also as a metaphor for a people rising from the ashes of hate and re-awakening into love.

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What reviewers are saying

Ruth King

“Bat-Zion Susskind-Sacks has written a novel which evokes the past- ancient and modern - of the turmoil, near extinction , and pain of the Jewish people. But, if past is prologue, the present is one in which Jews survive, thrive, fall in love, accept plans gone awry, and ultimately prevail. There are many detours – the Shoah, the unspeakable suffering and death of millions, the frustrating and often fatal attempts to reach Palestine after World War II, wars, terrorism, and the rigours as well as the glories of life and redemption in Israel, where the author now lives.

On A Wing From the Holy Land is filled with vignettes of Jewish life - from shtetl and ghetto to suburb, and is teeming with history of Jewish dislocation, folklore, determination, disillusion and hope, medical malpractice, violence, friendship, adolescence, age and death. It is a biography of Jessica, and love story rich with a tapestry of life and events past and present from ancient Rome to Prague, Russia, America, New Zealand and Israel. The last lines of the odyssey encapsulate the fulfillment of life in Israel:

‘The new generations would keep traditions alive and populate, like Dina and Jessica had done in the past, that precious land that was homeland again. They had returned home from everywhere,after millennia of banishment, exterminations, pogroms, and persecutions – Jessica and Israel were finally one, reunited never to part again.’

That, in sum, is what the author chose, and we are grateful for her choice and her wonderful novel.”

    Ruth King is a freelance writer, on the editorial board and regular contributor to OUTPOST, the monthly publication of American for A Safe Israel, and editor of a daily blog http://www.ruthfullyyours.com/

Khaled Abu Toameh

"A breathtaking portrayal of a courageous and ambitious Jewish woman, emblematic of the suffering of the Jewish people and the hope accompanying the creation of the State of Israel.

A daughter of Shoah survivors, the novel's heroine, Jessica, chose to devote her life to defending her values, people and country with unflinching devotion.

 "I want to leave a mark, a legacy to future generations, because I'm a Jew, but more so because I belong to the human race."

Jessica's life, as Ms Susskind-Sacks tells it, is so packed with adventure and drama that I could not put the book down until I had finished the last page."

    Khaled Abu Toameh is an award-winning journalist. He is the recipient of several awards: Search For Common Ground, National Press Club [US], First Place and Israel's Media Watch Award.

Fausta Marianovic

"Ms. Susskind-Sacks' book ranges across space and time, countries and cities, across Europe and beyond, in a search for spiritual growth. The reader should take a deep breath before she or he dives deep, together with the novel's heroine, into a kaleidoscope of rich Jewish culture and a unique history - of pain that still endures, of a past that has often been characterized by the feeling that the impossible and unimaginable could become both possible and conceivable. Jessica's story, her adventures and experiences, are emotionally charged and will take you on a ride that will leave you touched, enthralled and gripped to the final page."

    Fausta Marianovic is the author of the best selling Swedish novel, "I Save the Last Bullet for my Neighbor," the story of a Croatian woman married to a Bosnian Muslim during the Balkan Wars.

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